The Design Firm


Discussion. Research.
Vision. Signature style

Our process begins with detailed discussions of our clients design needs, vision and personal style, or as we like to call it “Signature Style”. Dedicated to satisfying our clients long-term, we spend time undestanding goals for funcionality, lifestyle and space utilization. Through this thoughtful discovery, excitement begins to build as our clients gain confidence that their design needs will be met.


Measurements. Sketches.

Once we determine your “Signature Style”, we match you with the interior design team to suit your design project. Creating luxurious atmospheres starts with an intimate in-home consultation with a team design approach. Taking measurements and photos of the space(s) are critical elements in the process, but it’s The Design Firm’s ability to procure noteworthy lighting, furnishings, textures and patterns that elevate the design beyond our clients imagination.


Rendering. Presentation.
Big Reveal.

Bringing concept to life, our digital designers and rendering artists produce to-scale, full color design replicas of the proposed design. With this rendering in hand, we invite you to the showroom for the “Big reveal”, aka, presentation. During presentation, collaboration is key. You can add more elements, subtract the ones you don’t care for and together, we create a final plan to fit your style, budget and timeline. Once details are finalized, it’s off to the races.


Inspect. Assemble.
Fall in love.

This is where all of your dreams become a reality. Our experienced installation team will receive,uncrate, inspect, assemble and store all of the pieces you fell in love with. For installation, we like to have the house to ourselves to surprise you with your brand new look.

Beforechang Final Before