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Tailored with a Capitol "T"

Houston, TX

Design IconMeasurements. Sketches. Concept.

Our client had already added the grand chandelier, so our goal was to bring in some additional drama! Through the use of classic lamps and shades, large scale artwork, decorative throw pillows, silk fabrics, and mirrored accent furnishings, we took a simple space and gave it WOW factor.  It’s also common for TDF to add a dash of sophistication by using accessories with gold and silver. Long flowing drapes are important in this design as they play an intricate part in framing the architectural details of this home.  The area rug is classic and neutral, not to compete with the raspberry velvet tufted ottoman. 

Installation IconInspect. Assemble. Fall in love.

This tailored design houses many details. Its like playing "where's Waldo" but with fringe and nail-heads! See if you can spot the many Traditional elements that come together to make this room a show piece. 

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