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Rustic Chic Mix-Up

Sugar Land, TX

Design IconMeasurements. Sketches. Concept.

This urban living room has gained the characteristic "Chic" due to its light and modern decorative accents.  Mirrored side tables, a faux leopard throw and velvet peacock barrel-back chairs , are great examples of how accessories and decorative elements can completely change the concept of the living room. The statement brick wall eludes a modern and cool appearance in the family room.

Solution IconRendering. Presentation. Big Reveal.

The formal furniture arrangement breaks through with a distinctive color palette and statement artwork that adds the chic feel to this gorgeous living room. The interior radiates laid-back ambiance followed by subtle chic touches in regards to the multi-tonal ikat pattern rug, silk floral fabric pillows and un-expected accessories. By keeping a few of the clients current furnishings, we were able to take the design further away from the rustic style that originated and create something softer and more relaxed. 

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