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Design IconMeasurements. Sketches. Concept.

The most livable and inspiring rooms combine old and new pieces in a variety of styles to give them an effortless sense of having been assembled over time. Our client was excited to be pulling out some of her prized possessions from her Grandmother, i.e., that jaw dropping mahogany buffet. However, her husband favored a mid-century vibe.  How to bring the two together......?  Simple! Layering!  Say it with me now, Layering!  Varying wood tones, layered textures, colors and heights, all bring this home to life! 

Installation IconInspect. Assemble. Fall in love.

Combining old and new, or marrying vintage with modern, can produce a room scheme that looks as though it has evolved over many years. Blending modern trends with inherited pieces and items that have sentimental importance is what makes this home unique. There’s something special about a room that stimulates your nostalgic senses, by creating a balance the room looks elegant rather than untidy or a mishmash of junk. There’s no single ‘feature’ item and the eye travels from one design to another, taking in the style of each piece of furniture. To ensure their rooms were "stylish", not chaotic, every item used was good quality or beautiful in its own right.  The trick in this project was combining and grouping pieces to allow the individual charm of each to be appreciated, and it’s better to use items that contrast in period or look than those that are simply a ‘bit different’. 

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