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This project started with dirt.....and a very detailed plan of course!  A long time client of ours was seeking to build a home that had grandeur and ornate details but also felt warm and inviting. 

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The best part of starting from the ground up is that we can help the client visualize the finished product and work backwards to achieve the final goal. For this particular home, we settled on a neutral palette and brought in color through custom art and fabrics. This home conveys a versatile style that intricately flows throughout the home to represent beauty and elegance. Easy space is comfortable in the exquisite furnishings yet it is brought to life with an impressive color palette. 

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The main living area features brushed metallic gold and bronze, enriched with a hue of teal, indigo and burgundy, that promotes conversation and delightfulness. The master bedroom is dressed with fine silk bedding and a show-stopping bed frame. These 2 details alone make this retreat adorning and dreamy. Throughout the home are original oil paintings and glass artwork that are one-of-a-kind and flush with affluent captivity. 

From the lovely drapery to the custom one-of-a-kind designed furniture, the elegance is unsurpassed. The dedication to true opulence throughout this home is unparalleled in this modern age, and the attention to detail is unrivaled. Passion is behind the beauty of this stylish design.

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