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2019 Trends to Try This Fall

By Madeline Heiser September 19th, 2019



It used to be cool to be cool, but now, warm is the new cool. Light and Bright rooms have been trendy for a while but they used to be on the gray side. Now warmer tones are making a comeback and we couldn't be more excited. There's something so inviting and cozy about being surrounded by warm colors, and now Fall is finally the time to make the change! The great thing about neutral spaces is you can always add colorful accessories when you want to switch things up. We kept things monotoned for this space, but always tweak it to fit your personal style. 


Just as warm is the new cool, so is black the new white. Coming just in time for halloween, those who like to take risks should definitely take a walk on the dark side. It's moody, it's sophisticated, and it's different. Try it out in a smaller area such as a powder bath or keep it simple by adding black accessories. There's absolutely nothing wrong with black on black so go all in if you feel like taking the plunge!


Wallpaper has been trendy for a while but it's never too late to try! Get that image of grandma's house out of your head and look towards a more modern application. There are subtle patterns, textures, and classic patterns that will never go out of style. Opt for a grasscloth if you are scared of pattern or go all in with a modern print. The skies the limit...literally. Think about adding a wallpaper to the ceiling to make your guests speechless. 


Want the look of stone but don't want to pay the price? Opt for porcelain. You can use it for floors, walls, and now even countertops! Porcelains come a long way in terms of quality and look, so now you can get a designer look for outlet pricing. How's that for a trend!



Spring Up Your Home

By Madeline Heiser

1. Add a colorful tapestry for an easy pop of color. Because they don't require much to hang, this is a simple accessory you can add that's labor and damage free.2. Using plates/baskets as wall art is a great alternative to canvas. If you choose this route, you can switch out the plates and colors every season! When your furniture and large pieces are neutral you can really play with the accessories and easily switch things up when you need some change. Remember this when you are shopping for large items.

Interiors Inspired By The Met Gala 2019

By Madeline Heiser

The Met Gala is a night of extravagance and glamour. The fashion is spectacular and the inspiration is abundant. Interior Design and Fashion go hand in hand. Playing with colors, patterns, textures and shape is done by both fashion designers and interior designers alike. We've been inspired to create mood boards for interiors that reflect some of the best looks of the night. Enjoy.

At Home Bars: A Rundown

By Madeline Heiser

Play around with fun glassware. A bar isn't made to be full of decorations so you have to spice up the space somehow! Add some colorful vintage pressed glass or some silver flutes! Allow your personality to show through. If you want to go the clear route, play with shapes to add some interest.

Why Hire an Interior Designer!

By Madeline Heiser

Here at TDF our interior designers envision, plan, and outfit your home in a way that makes it both beautiful and functional. We balance aesthetic considerations with structural planning to reflect the clients' lifestyle, set desired mood; complement the home's architectural features, and ensure that less glamorous details like electrical outlets and air vents fit into the scheme. Our team of designers cultivate relationships with trusted artisans, vendors, and others who help execute the design.

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