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Bachelor Abode

Lake Livingston, TX

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A bachelor looking for a project is always a GOOD thing!  Like a nice slick hairdo, this client wanted clean, crisp, sleek, and modern! Something that would catch peoples eyes. Being that this home was lakefront, true modern-day entertaining would define the use of the space and at any given time the home would need to accommodate no less than 20 people.

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Through the use of various seating options, that didn't restrict the views, several conversation areas were born. Vibrant colors on neutral sectionals, a bold rug to ground the space and unique art to compliment the grandiose ceiling heights serve everyones interest and comfort, well.  In the kitchen, in true unorthodox form, we proved that wood CAN be incorporated into modern design, especially when its paired with marble. 

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To achieve a more sultry and sophisticated master bedroom we turned the color palette down a notch and amped up the modern cool factor in the furnishings. The bedroom had "too much light" so we designed custom art of hang over each window (3 located behind the bed) creating a focal point and directing the eye towards the lakefront view. Playing up the height of the office ceilings with floor to ceiling built-ins actually functions as innovative wall art as well as practical storage. 

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The flood of natural light throughout this home makes it feel fun, inspiring, and relaxing......just how vacation property should make you feel. 

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