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Why Hire an Interior Designer!

By Madeline Heiser April 4th, 2019



Here at TDF our interior designers envision, plan, and outfit your home in a way that makes it both beautiful and functional. We balance aesthetic considerations with structural planning to reflect the clients' lifestyle, set desired mood; complement the home's architectural features, and ensure that less glamorous details like electrical outlets and air vents fit into the scheme. Our team of designers cultivate relationships with trusted artisans, vendors, and others who help execute the design.


We have clients come in all the time, exhausted by the range of options for the interiors or their home and do not know where to start. We take the stress away from you! We get to know your needs, your aesthetic, and your personality and come up with a one of a kind design for you and your home. Once you approve, we do all of the work for you. We source, order, track, procure, store, deliver, and install ALL elements of the design proposal. We allow clients' access to suppliers and pricing that would not otherwise be available to them.  You just have to sit back and relax and wait for the final reveal! 


Expect full out commitment from us to do the very best we can; to get the absolute best value we can with your hard earned money. Expect us to be honest about expectations and to hit the ground running immediately. Expect us to go beyond cosmetic concerns to ensure that your space feels harmonious through and through, from it's floor plan to the last nail head, tassel, and tuft. Life's never perfect, so one can expect a bump in the road, but be ensured that we will take care of it for you. And lastly... expect to absolutely love your new home after the job is complete and for many years to come.


Not always! We work with clients with all different budgets. We pull from vendors with low price points to high. Since we have a showroom, it allows us to buy straight from the manufacturers and save you money! We also help you avoid costly mistakes like wrong size furniture, electrical issues, picking the wrong paint color, and many others.


Be very descriptive about your style preferences. Do you love color or do you want to stick to neutrals? What colors do you want to avoid? Do you like gold or silver? Do you want a more minimalist approach or do you want to fill up the space? There is no such thing as too much detail! The more we know, the quicker we can get your design finished and ready to install. Another thing that is really important is being very honest and realistic on your budget or budget range. We always want to make the most out of your space but we never want to spend more money than you are comfortable with. Being upfront at the beginning will ensure that it doesn't happen.



Spring Up Your Home

By Madeline Heiser

1. Add a colorful tapestry for an easy pop of color. Because they don't require much to hang, this is a simple accessory you can add that's labor and damage free.2. Using plates/baskets as wall art is a great alternative to canvas. If you choose this route, you can switch out the plates and colors every season! When your furniture and large pieces are neutral you can really play with the accessories and easily switch things up when you need some change. Remember this when you are shopping for large items.

Interiors Inspired By The Met Gala 2019

By Madeline Heiser

The Met Gala is a night of extravagance and glamour. The fashion is spectacular and the inspiration is abundant. Interior Design and Fashion go hand in hand. Playing with colors, patterns, textures and shape is done by both fashion designers and interior designers alike. We've been inspired to create mood boards for interiors that reflect some of the best looks of the night. Enjoy.

At Home Bars: A Rundown

By Madeline Heiser

Play around with fun glassware. A bar isn't made to be full of decorations so you have to spice up the space somehow! Add some colorful vintage pressed glass or some silver flutes! Allow your personality to show through. If you want to go the clear route, play with shapes to add some interest.

Tip Tuesday: How to Incorporate Color

By Madeline Heiser

If you are looking to a make a big statement but aren't ready to go all the way just yet, an accent wall is your friend! It brings in a lot of color into your space without being overbearing. Plus, it's just one wall so it's easy to change if you want to mix things up!

Dare To Go Dark!

By Madeline Heiser

White rooms are everywhere. There's no doubt, how luxurious, beautiful, and serene they can be, but sometime's its fun to do something daring. We dare you to go dark! Now you don't have to go vampire dungeon dark! There are ways you can incorporate black without scaring the neighbors. Scroll down to see our ideas of incorporating dark colors!