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Dare To Go Dark!

By Madeline Heiser November 27th, 2018


White rooms are everywhere. There's no doubt, how luxurious, beautiful, and serene they can be, but sometime's its fun to do something daring. We dare you to go dark! Now you don't have to go vampire dungeon dark! There are ways you can incorporate black without scaring the neighbors. Scroll down to see our ideas of incorporating dark colors!


If you don't want to jump head first into the dark abyss, try an accent wall! It can help with adding depth to a space and make your furniture pop!

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If you are feeling daring, try painting all of the walls black. It doesn't have to be a scary as you would think! White floors and white trim can help balance it out. The result? Furniture that pops and a beautiful modern feel.

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A black ceiling? No one's suspecting that! Have some fun and play with different aspects of your home. The ceiling is one of the most overlooked spaces in homes, yet takes up so much real estate! Don't leave it bare, accessorize!

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By Madeline Heiser

Bedrooms. They are the first thing you wake up to and the last thing you see before you close your eyes. They are important for many reasons and that's why we believe in putting in that extra effort. For today we want to focus on the anchors of the bedroom, the nightstands. Not only are they a place where you can show a lot of personality, but they are very functional as well as they are great for storage. We want to show you some examples of nightstands we have done in the past, as well as some new ideas for you to get inspired by. Whatever your style is, there is a nightstand for you. Enjoy!


By Madeline Heiser

The Design Firm doesn't just decorate houses, we also remodel! Sometimes all it takes is a little change in paint color, fixtures and flooring to really upgrade a home. This is not only good for home owners but also for those looking to sell their home, like our clients here! As you can see, the home is beautiful, but it's also a little outdated. We took this home from average to amazing by switching out some of the finishes and changing the bathroom floor plan. This home is now move in ready and the clients can now sell their home for top dollar! We love the way it turned out. Open, airy, and transitional! What do you think of the transformation?

Kids Bedrooms Need Love Too!

By Madeline Heiser

Creating a truly timeless kids’ room that evolves with them is not too hard, and you need not worry about just sticking them with an adult room and asking them to suck it up. (Which is what many of us got as kids!) You can still give an amazing bedroom that they will cherish throughout their formative years and enjoy as annoying teens who seem to answer in single-syllable and incomprehensible abbreviations! Here is your guide to that timeless kids’ bedroom.

Transformation: Bedroom Style

By Madeline Heiser

There's nothing quite like a good before and after! Although this one will look even more wonderful once it's installed. Our mission was to give these bedrooms the ultimate makeover. Our clients had some issues with space planning and desperately needed our help. We tackled both the master bedroom and the kids bedroom and we are so happy with the results.