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A Peak Inside Our Beach Home!

Posted by The Design Firm

May 24, 2016

One of the most common questions I receive from our client's at The Design Firm is, "What does the inside of your home look like?" We encourage transparency from our client's, and we want to give the same thing to all of you! To be quite frank, we consider this the last opportunity to share the story of our beach house, because we have decided it is time to unfortunately say goodbye, view the home listing here. In the spirit of "better late than never", it's high-time I opened the doors and gave a look inside one of my most prized design challenges, the Wuellner Galveston Beach House.

The search for the perfect beach home began with the motivation to find a place where our growing family could go to escape from our busy schedules. We are so blessed to have four children and 7 grandchildren, and spending quality time with everyone has always been a top priority. With a need for more space than the average home, we decided the solution would be creating a home that housed two fully equipped residences with two separate entrances. This gives the opportunity for all the togetherness we desired, with the option to retreat at any moment. Galveston was the best option for the location, with an easy one hour drive from our lives in Houston, it was the place for us.

We proudly describe the beach house design as "over the top", and of course, designing it was an absolute thrill. We incorporated a beautiful, bright color palette, seen throughout the entire home. I've always said that we look for a better way of doing things even "or maybe especially" if it was a departure from the expected. The style is inspired by mid-century modern with a base palette of black, white and gray executed in a variety of materials and textures. Sparkle and spice are added through silver-toned accents and the generous sweeps of aqua, citron, amber, tangerine, lemon, fuchsia and cobalt blue contributed through furnishings, original art and accessories. Eric describes the home's hues as "seaside colors with an attitude, because they are essentially the colors of nature, they work for all seasons or occasions."

The time spent planning, building, and designing this home are only a handful of the incredible memories that have been shared with friends and family in our beloved beach home. Saying goodbye will be no easy task, but we are excited to share one of our favorite design projects with it's future family.

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