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Some Simple Inspiration for Your Home Decorating Ideas

Posted by The Design Firm

Oct 27, 2015

Interior designers in Houston strongly believe in using unconventional ideas to freshen up your home's décor. By using economical yet highly effective alternatives, you too can make unbelievable improvement to the overall ambience and atmosphere. All you have to do is just take inspiration from the below given home decorating ideas coming straight from leading interior designers in Houston -

  • Using paint smartly - You can improve your home a lot by simply using paint at right places. Top Houston interior designers recommend painting a wall with one supreme color that overpowers other three walls in the room. It brings huge change to the look and adds more drama to the plain walls. You can also use paint for cupboards, doors and small plating pots that have lost their sheen and need a fresh stroke of painting brush. You could also paint a symmetrical pattern over a single wall to add element of surprise in the home's décor.
  • Refreshing draperies and curtains - It is the easiest way to add phenomenal change to your living room's décor. You can buy readymade curtains and draperies or prepare your own at home by designer fabric available in the market. Long curtains hanging up to the floor make a room look classier and add up to its interior design in Houston based homes.
  • Using contrasting colors - Decorating a room with contrast theme also helps in bringing a great interior design. Bring in more drama to your interior by using combination of black and white or yellow and red applying it to walls, sofas and other objects placed inside your living room. Avoid keeping in too many accessories. Instead, do a quick investigation and replace anything straight away that is making your room look 'too occupied'.

The Design Firm brings amazingly fresh decorating ideas for your Houston abode. We have been inspiring people since more than thirty four years as a premium Houston based interior decorator.

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