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Why Does it Have To Be Pink?

Posted by The Design Firm

Oct 16, 2015

Ever wonder why little girls' rooms have to be stereotypically pink? Pink is everywhere: on store isles, perfume bottles, pop icon posters - even the display shelves of stores that will remain unnamed.

Often times, exploring other colors for your newborn's or young child's room can be challenging. Instead of choosing the typical blue and pink, try breaking out of the box by incorporating the color orange - or even a mural wall - that can easily be adapted from a nursery into your children's game room.

The Design Firm has always loved to use bold and exciting colors to enliven a space for its clients. We always like to keep the paint on the walls last because it is always easier to mate the paint with the furniture instead of vice-versa. Paint is the cheapest way to completely transform any room.

This Sugar Land-area game room, with its bright wall mural and modern touches, can easily be transformed into a media room or video arcade for teens.

While not for everyone's taste, this fantastic tangerine room is versatile enough to easily transition from a small child's bedroom into a teenager's modern hideaway.

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