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How We Can Make Your Space Timeless

Posted by The Design Firm

May 27, 2015

Design Principles for Timeless Interior Spaces in Houston

Having a space that reflects your style and personality is always important. For distinct yet timeless home decorating ideas, you need specialists such as The Design Firm based here in Houston. The team of experienced and passionate interior designers in this company in Houston is the best in class and is renowned for their high level of professionalism and their innovative style ideas. The agency has been creating beautiful interior spaces for commercial and residential properties since 1979 and is still one of the most well-known firms for interior design in and around Houston.

Creating Timeless Interior Spaces

The Design Firm and its team of Houston based interior designers incorporate design principles that will make every space in your office or home timeless. Interior design style trends come and go but there can never be anything that beats a classic look. It stays in vogue irrespective of the decades that pass by.

When it comes to interior design, the three most important principles are:

  • Functionality: No matter how stylish an interior space is, if it is not functional, it loses its whole purpose. The interior designers at The Firm will incorporate functionality into your space while giving it a timeless look and feel.
  • Balance: In interior design, balance refers to the equal distribution of "visual weight" in a space. The designers at The Firm incorporate decorating ideas that have the three styles of balance which are radial, symmetrical and asymmetrical to help create a look that is classic.
  • Personality: Of course, if your interior spaces do not reflect your personality, it will not feel like your own. When you have interior design Houston from a top-notch team, you can be sure that every room will have your personal stamp on it.

The Design Firm for Excellence

When it comes to interior design in Houston, there is no better team than the one at The Design Firm. All your interior design wishes will be fulfilled with the help of our experienced and talented interior decorator right here in Houston.

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