Tips for Designing & Decorating an in-home Bar

Jul 20, 2016

If you love hosting friends and family for drinks, then creating an in-home bar should be next on your to-do list! We’ve gathered helpful tips and tricks from our professional interior designers to help you create the perfect bar.

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Interior Design Color Trends 2016

Jul 11, 2016

At The Design Firm we are always on top of all the trends constantly evolving in the Interior Design world. Although we prefer to make our own rules, it never hurts to know the latest luxury trends to keep an eye on. We strive to keep a healthy balance of trendy and timeless design no matter the season!

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Modern V. Contemporary Interior Design

Jul 08, 2016

A common question our designers are asked at The Design Firm is, “what is the difference between modern and contemporary interior design?” Chances are you hear the word ‘modern’ and the word ‘contemporary’ and think they are one in the same. Today we are going to break down the differences between these two styles of design.

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A Peak Inside Our Beach Home!

May 24, 2016

One of the most common questions I receive from our client's at The Design Firm is, "What does the inside of your home look like?" We encourage transparency from our client's, and we want to give the same thing to all of you!

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Anything But White: Kara's Ultimate Kitchen

Dec 03, 2015

While the neutral tones are all the rage right now, why keep everything so white? If you find yourself craving some color in your life take a look at some of our favorite kitchens right now...

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Double Duty: The Design Firm duo featured in Coast Monthly

Dec 01, 2015

If you haven't already check out this monthly issue of Coast Monthly Magazine to see what what the duo behind The Design Firm is up to and how they spruce up their home for the holiday's.

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New York Homes get a Premium Houston Interior Designer

Nov 27, 2015

A home or a commercial complex can make a whole lot of difference to your image and status when done by a designer. Whether you are in Houston or TX, whether it's a 10 bedroom or 600 sq. apartment, it can be tricky to create a cohesive look that represents you and your sense of style.

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Houston interior designers are buzzing about the latest interior design trends

Nov 08, 2015

Homes of today aren't just meant to act as a shelter. We the people, have grown from cave dwellers to organized and educated residents of this planet. Modern homes are a representation of style, comfort, convenience and our taste in living.

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Some Simple Inspiration for Your Home Decorating Ideas

Oct 27, 2015

Interior designers in Houston strongly believe in using unconventional ideas to freshen up your home's décor. By using economical yet highly effective alternatives, you too can make unbelievable improvement to the overall ambience and atmosphere.

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Why Does it Have To Be Pink?

Oct 16, 2015

Ever wonder why little girls' rooms have to be stereotypically pink? Pink is everywhere: on store isles, perfume bottles, pop icon posters - even the display shelves of stores that will remain unnamed.

Often times, exploring other colors for your newborn's or young child's room can be challenging. Instead of choosing the typical blue and pink, try breaking out of the box by incorporating…

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