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Interior Design Color Trends 2016

Posted by The Design Firm

Jul 11, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Although it is already half way through the year (can you believe it?) we want to talk about the 2016 color trends for Interior Design. Let's dive right in!

What's new/different/exciting?

The interior design color trend for 2016 has shifted to more monochromatic tones using whites, creams and greys. Jennifer, one of The Design Firm’s 10 Senior Interior Designers, explains: “With this new trend has come the excitement of using different textures, finishes and materials to make the room more interesting.”


Notice the very monochromatic base used for our client's beautiful living room. Then bursts of color are scattered throughout the room. 

What colors will be really hot by the end of the year? 

The same answer goes for this popular question! In our experience people are heading towards palettes featuring white tones and incorporating color into their interiors with vibrant artwork and accessories. A fresh white palette gives interiors a bright and comfortable look.

In this client’s dining room the dominant color palette is a gray and white, while bright pops of primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) featured in the textiles, artwork, and accessories.

We love the color trends of 2016 and have ironically introduced it into several of our client's interiors this year, however, we are bound by no rules and are happy to create the perfect interior for our client's whether it abides by this trend or not at all! Please give us a call if your home is in need of a refresh, or you're starting from scratch!

Until next time,

The Design Firm


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