The Design Firm

Kara Wuellner

Owner and Principal Designer

How do you describe the indescribable? Kara is a visionary and a 3 dimensional storyteller. By bravely taking chances with her unorthodox choices and 3 decades of experience, her work has established The Design Firm as one of the most versatile and professional in Houston. Known for her intense originality she juxtaposes not only colors but also textures, diverse cultures and her own unique vision with those of her clients. The relationship she builds with her client’s transcends beyond the initial project. It is no secret her work and the work of The Design Firm can be addicting. Eric and Kara started The Design Firm in their garage in 1979. They never believed it would grow to the now team of 25! “Humbled”, is the perfect description, per Eric, because it doesn’t leave out the countless hours of relished work and small business ownership woes that come with growing and adapting to an ever-changing industry. As for the future of The Design Firm, interior decor is, and always will be, hardcoded into their DNA. “Even when we go to hotels,” Kara jokes, “my husband will say, ‘Kara, please don’t make me move the furniture.’” Truth be told, she just can’t help herself.

The Team

Senior Designers, Digital Illustrators, Project Managers and Sales Manager

At the Design Firm, we’re known for two important things: dedication to our craft and a fun-loving approach to the design process. Our close-knit team of creative and passionate designers is among the best at what they do. Diverse in style, age and strength, our team offers clients a broad spectrum of opportunities to have their design visions become a reality. There is no project too challenging for the talent we have collected over the many years of searching for the perfect team. The recipient of numerous ASID (American Society of interior Designers) and GHBA (Greater Houston Builders Association) awards has propelled them to be the premier resource to Houston’s most discerning homeowners.


Finding unique decorating ideas on your own can be complicated, but The Design Firm is here to help! Our style pairs refined elegance with everyday living. Award-winning designer services, client focused creations, and a unique planing process result in polished atmospheres that mirror your "Signature Style".






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